Sponsorship Request from the
President of AISDH

April 23, 2019


The Association of Indians for Tribal Self Determination in Healthcare (AISDH-“638 Association”) is organizing its 2nd Annual Trends in Tribal Self Determination in Healthcare Conference, to provide an overview of the advances made in administering and governing our Self Determination in Healthcare for our communities. The AISDH 638 Association is writing to you for your support in becoming a sponsor. The Conference will be two full days, June 27-28 in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the Sandia Resort & Casino.

AISDH serves as the collective voice for Tribal “638” Self-Determination Health Care Systems.   Our membership is comprised of the eight (8) healthcare organization serving Native American Communities in Arizona and New Mexico. The AISDH was created to advance local Indian Self Determination Mission’s with, and for our communities.

  1. Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (TCRHCC)
  2. Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. (WIHC)
  3. Utah Navajo Health Systems Inc. (UNHS)
  4. Ramah Navajo Health Center
  5. Canoncito Band of Navajo Health Center  (CBNHC)
  6. Alamo Navajo School Board (ANSB)
  7. San Carlos Apache Healthcare Corporation (SCAHC)
  8. Tsehootsooi Medical Center

Your contribution to will support our initiative to cover the cost of food, and presentation materials for the Conference. Please view the information booklet to find a list of sponsorships opportunities. Information Booklet>>

We thank you for your consideration and hope that you can support the 638 Association.  Please contact Vanessa Lee, Executive Assistant of Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation, at 928/283-2827 and/or email vanessa.lee@tchealth.org
The 638 Association thanks you in advance for your support.


Christopher Curley, 638 Board President (TCRHCC)
Steve Titla, 638 Vice-President (SCAHC)
Kimberlee Williams, 638 Sec/Treasurer (TCRHCC)




The 2nd Annual Trends In Self-Determination in Healthcare Conference has sponsorship opportunities available for 2019. Our sponsors play a major role in the success of the conference and we sincerely thank them!

Sponsorship Form (PDF)


Gold Sponsor - $5,000 Contribution



Silver Sponsor - $3,000 Contribution






Bronze Sponsor - $2,000 Contribution