The Association of Indians of Self-Determination in Healthcare, operating in conjunction with its association members, maintains a consolidated membership and dues structure.

Hospital members of the Association of Indians for Self-Determination in Healthcare are:

  • 2002-2013 Title V Programs, Self-Governance Programs
    • Tuba City Regional Health Care (TCRHCC), in Tuba City, Arizona
    • Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. (UNHS), in Montezuma Creek, Utah
    • Winslow Indian Health Care Center, Inc. (WIHCC), in Winslow, Arizona
  • 1978-2013 Title I Programs
    • Ramah Navajo School Board – Pine Hill Health Center
    • Alamo Navaho School Board – Alamo Navajo Health Center
    • Canoncito Band of Navajos Health Center, Inc., ToHajiilee

Membership is open to all federal Tribal “638” Self-Governance health care contractors and compactors. These health center grantees operate their respective clinical sites by a local Governing Board and serve over 900,000 patients in 2013.